Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Maslow Theory

You're probably familiar with the Maslow Theory of how needs take precedence over others. Well, it has REALLY been on my mind lately. Not so much the specifics of this theory but really how day to day, week to week, and especially season to season our needs, desires and interests change.

The theory gives the example of hunger and how you will be hungry until you get food; however, if all of the sudden you are being choked by someone, your hunger will most definitely take back seat to the need of safety... and well, the need to get this fool off of you.

I'm noticing this more and more lately. Within one day I will find myself in the morning stressing about a project due, head to lunch and run into a friend from high school who has graduated from college and doing quite well with her life. I have now completely forgotten about my deadline and am now focused on my long-term life goals and trying to figure out the next step to fulfilling them. The day goes on as I get a call and learn that on a more personal/family level something is about to hit the fan, now all thoughts or worries about school/career decisions are in the distance and seem meaningless when compared to a loved one's well being.

You can go around in circles handling one need out weighing another! Its quite exhausting to be honest, but it does help with keeping you grounded and focused on things that actually matter. Stressing is pointless, worrying is a waste of time. Life is short and crap happens. I have no point to this blog... not. at. all. Just a lot of thinking going on lately, A LOT!

Lord, I need you more than I think I do.