Monday, October 26, 2009

I left my heart in... SAN FRANCISCO

This past weekend I went to SF for a couple of days to visit my good friend Karis.

I had so much fun! The weather was gorgeous, the people were awesomely different, and catching up an amazing friend just made it all the better.

Chocolate wasn't too shabby either ;) seriously, they had a pool of chocolate... not ok!

We walked about 4 blocks which consisted solely of vintage stores... where I found the largest pair of earring I have ever seen.

Good times all around! Ive decided that I will definitely be taking more mini vacations like this. It is so necessary to just get out town ever so often.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

perplexing plates

We all see crazy license plates everywhere, some we can never figure out and some we just wonder why?! This one I saw this morning outside of a starbucks is quite obvious but I can't figure out why someone would want this as the anthem of their Infiniti... Do you have any justification for this? I'm serious... I feel like I may be missing something here... help :)
Are the Saints some athletic team I don't know about?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bucket List #534

Befriend a celebrity look alike...

This women is my dad's neighbor, also a Cameron Diaz look alike!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I wish i was little bit taller...

I went to a spoken word/improv tonight... and to say the least, it was incredible.

I am soooo impressed and borderline envious of these individuals who have that gift. I wish i could articulate my thoughts and feelings as they do. I wish I could capture the attention of an entire audience with thought-provoking questions on controversial issues in a poetic, beautiful, non-threatening way. but I don't :( and I'm ok with that... to each his own.

I will be returning next month and anyone is welcome to join.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


It's been over a month since I've blogged anything! man how time goes by...

I'm about to go to bed, but i feel a sense of obligation to update the world wide web with the current status of my life so.... here you go:

  • currently still working full time at south hills church in corona... i am also coordinating 4 weddings on the side.... trying to get that going a little more
  • i am officially moving out of the She-shack as of November 1st and in with my grandma for 2 months (kinda excited for a bunch of reasons... another blog i guess)
  • very anxious about going back to school. I REALLY want to get into San Diego state and take their Hospitality/Tourism management program. Transferring sucks right now, but I'm praying for favor!
  • I'm single
  • Almost done paying off credit card... woo who!
  • leaving for a much needed vacation to san fran on the 22 of October
  • loving this weather change!

that's all i can think of for now.