Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thrifty Thursday!

Ok, so Thursdays have officially been deemed... "Thrifty-Thursdays".
Most people know me as Campbellstein (not a name I'm particularly fond of, but have learned to embrace it).

I am a coupon cutter, I am a bargain shopper, and where I can save a few bucks... I will!
I wouldn't call this passion 'being cheap'... I see it as an accomplishment, a challenge to beat the man haha and why spend money when you don't need to. It's easier than you think and I am excited to share some of my own tactics and the tactics of others with you every Thursday!

So... today I want to simply share with you some of the thrifty acts I have witnessed over the past 2 weeks:

#1.) Ginny Morris went to Bj's last Saturday night for Corre's bday extravaganza. She ordered a cup of hot water (price$=free). She then reached into her purse and pulled out 2 tea bags (price$= .10). She enjoyed her favorite cup of tea for $.10... compared to the $2.00 that Bj's would have charged her. This is not cheap... this is genius!!

#2.) - Candice, Debi, Ez, and many others have stumbled across This is a site where you can purchase gift cards at a fraction of the price... so basically you are buying $20 with $2... how is that possible right? Well, the fine print reads that you have to have a minimum purchase of $X. Who cares? You are most likely going to spend 20 bucks at Macaroni Grill anyway, why not buy the $20 gift card for $2 and then spend say... $25 at dinner and when all is said and done... you only paid $5 for a $25 meal. once again... brilliant!

#3.) Starbucks - I'm knew to this tidbit of information... Starbucks gives refills?! You can get a refill on your iced coffees or iced teas for .50 the day you purchased the drink. If the now-warped cup has been sitting in your car for days don't try to get the refill, but if you purchase a drink in the morning and at lunch happen to cruise by a sbux... stop by for a top-off. Yesterday I did this 3 times :) I enjoyed 3 venti Iced coffees for a total of $3.25. No I don't need 3 venti iced coffees, but when they're .50 it is unavoidable.

ok, that's all the info for now. Keep your eyes open for easy ways to save a buck and let me know if any are 'Thrifty-Thursday' worthy!

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

kicking it off...

haha... I'm already amused by this website.

Why is one of the font options 'Webdings'? haha


"Oh, I'm sorry.... you didn't understand that? You didn't learn Webding 101 at school?"

that's funny... maybe one day I will write a blog in Webding just to see who is bored enough to try and translate it.

ok.... out!