Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Maslow Theory

You're probably familiar with the Maslow Theory of how needs take precedence over others. Well, it has REALLY been on my mind lately. Not so much the specifics of this theory but really how day to day, week to week, and especially season to season our needs, desires and interests change.

The theory gives the example of hunger and how you will be hungry until you get food; however, if all of the sudden you are being choked by someone, your hunger will most definitely take back seat to the need of safety... and well, the need to get this fool off of you.

I'm noticing this more and more lately. Within one day I will find myself in the morning stressing about a project due, head to lunch and run into a friend from high school who has graduated from college and doing quite well with her life. I have now completely forgotten about my deadline and am now focused on my long-term life goals and trying to figure out the next step to fulfilling them. The day goes on as I get a call and learn that on a more personal/family level something is about to hit the fan, now all thoughts or worries about school/career decisions are in the distance and seem meaningless when compared to a loved one's well being.

You can go around in circles handling one need out weighing another! Its quite exhausting to be honest, but it does help with keeping you grounded and focused on things that actually matter. Stressing is pointless, worrying is a waste of time. Life is short and crap happens. I have no point to this blog... not. at. all. Just a lot of thinking going on lately, A LOT!

Lord, I need you more than I think I do.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

30,000 pounds of food!

Last Sunday 200 people got together, organized 30,000 pounds of food and then distributed it to over 2,500 people.

It was one of the most beautiful and incredible experiences I have ever been a part of.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bucket List #56

Own the largest dictionary in existance!

made in 1929 and incredible!

Monday, November 9, 2009

ingenious or ridiculous?

My grandma's solution to dust-free water:

I love this woman!! There's little treasures like this all over the place :)

I would drive 60,000 miles..... and I would drive 60,000 more...

This blog has absolutely no purpose but to share my joy in the little things of life...

As I was driving out of a parking lot on Saturday night I realized that my odometer read 60,000 miles exactly! who cares right? haha I do! I was able to catch it right on the mile. You know how pissed I would've been if I had looked down and read 60,001 miles!? argh! I would've just missed it!

But I didn't! and I want to share the joy with every one of you :) (well, all 13 of you that ever read this haha)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Well that sucks!

I've been dealing with a few things over the past couple of days... things that everyone deals with, but plain and simple... they just suck.

1. You can't make a person feel one way or the other.

No matter what the situation or relationship, you cannot change how a person feels or reacts. I am usually a firm supporter of this, however on rare occasion... it just sucks!

2. When the child becomes the parent.

It just goes against the very nature of a parent/child relationship. Isn't it frustrating when you are stuck in a situation thinking, "Why am I the one who has to.... shouldn't they be the more mature ones... why am I having to deal with their unresolved issues?"

3. It takes two...

This pretty much goes hand in hand with #1, but it sucks when you try and try and try to rekindle a relationship but NO MATTER what you do nothing can be reconciled if the other person doesn't want it or doesn't try. and then you are left with, "do I give up?" "do I keep putting myself out there?" It's draining, but it happens... :(

Sorry to be a downer, but coming from someone who usually likes to control any situation I'm in it's been a pretty big smack in the face to realize that most things in life (at least the things that matter) are OUT of my control.

Monday, October 26, 2009

I left my heart in... SAN FRANCISCO

This past weekend I went to SF for a couple of days to visit my good friend Karis.

I had so much fun! The weather was gorgeous, the people were awesomely different, and catching up an amazing friend just made it all the better.

Chocolate wasn't too shabby either ;) seriously, they had a pool of chocolate... not ok!

We walked about 4 blocks which consisted solely of vintage stores... where I found the largest pair of earring I have ever seen.

Good times all around! Ive decided that I will definitely be taking more mini vacations like this. It is so necessary to just get out town ever so often.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

perplexing plates

We all see crazy license plates everywhere, some we can never figure out and some we just wonder why?! This one I saw this morning outside of a starbucks is quite obvious but I can't figure out why someone would want this as the anthem of their Infiniti... Do you have any justification for this? I'm serious... I feel like I may be missing something here... help :)
Are the Saints some athletic team I don't know about?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bucket List #534

Befriend a celebrity look alike...

This women is my dad's neighbor, also a Cameron Diaz look alike!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I wish i was little bit taller...

I went to a spoken word/improv tonight... and to say the least, it was incredible.

I am soooo impressed and borderline envious of these individuals who have that gift. I wish i could articulate my thoughts and feelings as they do. I wish I could capture the attention of an entire audience with thought-provoking questions on controversial issues in a poetic, beautiful, non-threatening way. but I don't :( and I'm ok with that... to each his own.

I will be returning next month and anyone is welcome to join.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


It's been over a month since I've blogged anything! man how time goes by...

I'm about to go to bed, but i feel a sense of obligation to update the world wide web with the current status of my life so.... here you go:

  • currently still working full time at south hills church in corona... i am also coordinating 4 weddings on the side.... trying to get that going a little more
  • i am officially moving out of the She-shack as of November 1st and in with my grandma for 2 months (kinda excited for a bunch of reasons... another blog i guess)
  • very anxious about going back to school. I REALLY want to get into San Diego state and take their Hospitality/Tourism management program. Transferring sucks right now, but I'm praying for favor!
  • I'm single
  • Almost done paying off credit card... woo who!
  • leaving for a much needed vacation to san fran on the 22 of October
  • loving this weather change!

that's all i can think of for now.


Monday, September 7, 2009

Bucket list #114


Mission accomplished!

Thank you Sleeping Giant for helping me cross another one off my list :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lose to Win

I am super pumped for an amazing outreach I get to be a part of at South Hills.

Starting September 19th/20th I will be weighing in and then over the next 6 weeks I will lose as much weight as possible... BECAUSE... for every pound I lose a person in need receives food.

How is that happening u ask? Let me tell you.... Mary Sonksen, our wonderful outreach director and her awesome team has arranged private donors to sponsor this challenge. We have also partnered with Convoy of Hope and they will match any money the sponsors are donating.

so this challenge isn't asking us to give any money, just lose weight!!!!! It's too simple!

granted I hate working out, but I can think of no better incentive to get my butt of the couch than to know that mouths that would've gone hungry will now be fed.

I'm stoked! I'll encourage any of you who want to participate for the next 6 weeks to show up at South Hills the weekend of the 19th/20th and weigh in... you don't even have to go here... every pound counts!

Friday, September 4, 2009


Its crazy how you dont realize how dirty something was until its clean.

For example... the carpet in our living room. Who knew that there was that much dirt, hair, and disgustingness taking over the carpet until we shampooed the carpet.

This picture (of what started as clear water) shows it all...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Flash back



Thank you for the flashback!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Funny Photo Contest #1

Ok, so here is how this works. I have selected a picture that is in dyer need of captions... that is where you come in. Submit as many as you would like AND you can choose who the caption is about. This picture features 3 people: the dad, the older girl, and the younger girl. You choose who and what the caption should say. The funniest wins a prize!

You can post your caption in the comment area or email them to and I will post the winner on Monday, the 24th.

Have fun!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

1st runner up...

Last Wednesday I entered a photo contest where I had to submit a picture that fit the caption

"I just don't get why people don't like me".

I totally took 2nd place! haha

check it out:

my picture was the Chicken Prom photo

I'm going to start doing my own photo contests, they are FN hilarious!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Beans and Rice

So today is Day 1 of the Share Humanity... Overcome Hunger Challenge. We were asked to live off of beans and rice for 5 days and to donate any money that we would have spent on food to an organization whose goal is to stop world hunger.

It has been pretty interesting so far. I have seen many twitters about lack of preparation for the beans...haha i did the same thing and overlooked the directions. Day 1 was basically all rice until dinner. This challenge definitely makes you think. I don't for one second think that because I am just eating beans and rice for 5 days that I know how it feels to live like 50% of the worlds population. But it opens eyes to the reality that the majority of people do not have options. On a Sunday afternoon, they don't get to choose between Miguel's Jr. or Jimmy's... or Mi Tortilla or Chipotle. Food selection is definitely a luxury.

Just some things Ive been thinking about today... and its only day 1 :(

Big ups to everyone else taking the challenge. I would LOVE to hear how you are doing, so feel free to share.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What it do?

so, last weekend was AWESOMELY fun!!

Congrats to Matt & Mareena Webb, the wedding was amazing and I had a blast!
You can't go wrong when tacos, dancing, and funny drunk people come together.

The after party at the She-Shack was a splash too, but I'll leave it at that ;)

This week is going great so far, I just found the perfect card to give to Mr. Kretzu tonight at his going away party :( such a bummer that we won't be seeing him around anymore, but it's all for the best of course! I'm excited that he's getting out of the Corona Circle! I'm not acknowledging the fact that Ez is leaving as well. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

alright, well I hope you all have a good Tuesday! I'm sure I'll be seeing most of you tonight.

Much Love!

Friday, July 31, 2009

missed connections

Am I the only one that hadn't heard of the Missed Connections section of Craigslist??

This is hilarious! I was blown away by how many people actually post an ad out for people who possibly "slipped through their fingers".

I'm not gunna lie... I was hoping I would match one of the descriptions! not cuz I'm crazy and desperate haha but because that would be just about the funniest thing ever! mine would've read...

"We caught each other's eye in Sam's Club last Tuesday. You were eating a churro by the free samples kiosk and I was browsing through the beef jerkey selection. I noticed you brushing sugar off your chin and I'm pretty sure you winked at me. If you are interested meet me @ Mi Tortilla at dawn!"

oh good times! One could dream :)


Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I know, I know... it's been awhile! but get over it. and I promise this was suppose to go out on Thursday haha

This tip is for all you world travelers!!

I did not realize until last week how many AMAZING deals there are for last minute traveling.

From cruises to airline tickets to hotels to shows... I'm telling you, you can get hooked up if you know where to look.

Here are some incredible sites to check out whenever you get the bug to get out:

  • (specifically the "Top 20 Deals" section)

  • (friends of mine actually own this company, so hit it up)
  • (as if Shatner as the negotiator wasn't reason enough to go to the site)

those are just a couple, but seriously... vacation is a necessity, especially in this work-aholic, fast paced, and stressful society we live in.

Live it up friend,


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bon Voyage

It's 9:27 and I'm sitting in my house on my couch (directly in front of the fan bc its an oven in here). I have had one of the longest, exhausting weekends that I have had in awhile.

Brief summary:
  • rear-ended a car
  • 6 hours of bridal shower invitation making
  • 7 hours of painting in the blazing sun
  • worked crazy overtime all weekend
  • late late nights and early mornings

Its only by the grace of God that I'm not getting sick and that I didn't break down.

I actually stayed consistently energized the entire time... just had to keep in mind that Monday I would be getting on a boat and doing NOTHING for 5 days! and by nothing, I mean nothing!

I just want to sit, eat, and enjoy the sun. No replying to emails, no decision making, no appointments, the only calendar item that i will be paying attention to is my 6:30 dinning time.

I am super excited too that I am going with my grandma. She is amazing person that I haven't been able to spend much time with lately :( It is never a full moment when she's around!

This whole trip came together in the past 4 days... I had no idea last week that I would be leaving for a cruise... God bless Carol! (the wonderful Carnival Cruise lady on the phone) who spent 30 minutes with me making this work last minute.

My life rarely sees spontaneity such as this and I am loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think that's enough said about this. :)

Bon Voyage my friends!!!

ps.... Thrifty-Thursday Tip: - Top 20... check it out!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day off... off day?

Saturday was my day off and I went to help a church in need in Downtown Riverside.

A team of us drove out there in the morning and stayed til about 2pm.

The team as a whole met various needs such as:
  • painting the exterior of the building (well... more like priming, we'll have to go back to paint)
  • Dug up their lawn to fix their sprinkler system
  • Repaired some of the parking lot light fixtures

It was definitely a blessing to be apart of, however... I was having the most off day!! I was a hot mess pretty much the entire time.

First of all,

I was sent to the car to get some supplies, I was handed Michael Bustillos' car keys (the car I drove to the church in) and then walked into the parking only to spend 10 minutes trying to get into someone else's car... completely different type of car mind you, the only ounce of justification I have for my idiocy was that it was the same color haha

After that I was volunteered to run to the store to get more supplies (no need for explanation as to why 'I' was volunteered to make the run) It took me an hour in Lowes to figure out the difference between a 1/2"x 3/4" Tee/no Thread/Adjuster/transformer... I finally asked the guy, you think he'd be used to girls looking aimlessly for stuff in there.

ok, so I get back to the church, only to realize that I didn't purchase PVC cement for all the PVC I just purchase... GREAT! I humbly handed the MEN the bag and told them I'd be back.

When I returned I decided I would just sit and paint... what harm could I do to just stand and paint? right?... wrong, I found a way.

As I was painting the trim to a window, I was so focused on not getting paint on the window seal that I was not noticing the bucket of paint I was spilling ALL over the sidewalk :(

Thank God is was water-based paint... but wait! There's more. I quickly ran to get a hose to clean up the mess. Without thinking any of my steps through (of course) I turn on the hose full blast... I swallowed my stomach as I watched the spilled paint from the sidewalk now getting splashed onto the BRAND NEW fence... different color paint mind you.

I spent the next hour cleaning off the fence, scrubbing the sidewalk, and avoiding all eye contact possible...

It was definitely just ONE of those days :(

overall... a church, a pastor, a community, and a team of servants were blessed!

so I'll stop complaining.

Ps. we are going back to that church to finish up some things, so if you are interested in helping out, hollah!!


Friday, June 26, 2009


I'm reading a few books right now... one of which is Captivating by Stasi Eldredge.
Good book, even though I was hesitant to read it the past few years because I thought it was going to be super cheese ball. In reality, it's pretty dead on with the minds, emotions and the overall mystery of a women's soul.

Tonight's smack in the face:

"We (women) don't feel worthy of pursuit. So we hang a "do not disturb" sign on our personalities, send a "back off" message to the world. Or we desperately seek pursuit, losing all self-respect in an emotional and physical promiscuity. We don't feel that we are irreplaceable, so we try and make ourselves useful. We don't believe we are beautiful, so we work hard to be outwardly beautiful or we "let ourselves go" and hide behind a persona that has no allure. We try so hard, and in so many ways, to protect our hearts from further pain."

Ladies, read the book... there's much more and it's awesome!

Fellas, you might want to check it out as well... it will definitely help in the long run.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Story of the day

Business woman" Candice sold our dryer on Craigslist for $30.

Candice asked Jolene to be at the house when the buyers came to pick it up and pay.

When poor little Pedro came to the door and picked it up Jolene felt sorry for the guy.

Jolene and Pedro continued to talk for 10 minutes regarding Paying it Foward and blessing others with what we dont need.

Jolene was unaware of the swindling that was going on.

Jolene then realized that Pedro knew the price and had already aggreed to the cost with "Business woman" Candice.

Jolene took the $30 dollars and bid mr. pedro good morrow.

As Pedro was putting the dryer in his Metro Van, to his surpise quarters starting falling out of it.

Jolene didn't know what was going on or how $4 worth of quarters got in there.

As Pedro looked at Jolene to see who would be keeping the quarters,

Jolene smiled and said, "There all yours!"


Do not worry, I'm not going to start posting ways to be Frugal on Friday... that would be redundant to Thrifty-Thursday.

However, It technically is Friday and I forgot to post yesterday and I have been on this website for the past hour, so I felt it appropriate.

check it out when you have time:

that's all :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Chick Flicks = Chick Porn???

Hello, now I know I am making a very powerful comparison and statement, but it needs to be said.


  • I am in no way condoning porn

  • I am a fan of chick flicks

  • Don't get all crazy... its just my observation

Women love chick flicks (well, most women, there are the Debi Hogues out there). We love them for many reasons; whether its the cutesy romance we all wish we were involved in or the cute clothes the lead actress is wearing that we all wish we owned or the heart melting, 'perfect-scripted', awe inspiring I love you/Kiss in the rain scene that every girl whether she admits it or not wishes would happen to her.

We are girls, give us a break! We want to be adored, we wish to be called beautiful, we desire to be desired... thats how we were made. These Producers/Directors/screenwriters know this and ruin our lives with it!!

These movies should be harmless and be viewed simply as they were intended to be... as entertainment. A fabricated love story which behind the scenes consisted of dozens of highly trained individuals who work months on the perfect lines, casting the most beautiful people, strategically planning each scene to be portrayed as organic and a common love story.

Common?!! There is nothing common about racing the clock to the empire state building to see if the love of your life (whom you've never met) is there waiting for you, or falling in love while dangerously standing on the front of a gigantic, tanking ship, and when you think common, does an epic love story occurring over multiple decades between a woman and man as they age in the opposite direction only ending with an 85 year old women holding a 3 months old baby in her arms with all the passion of life-time lovers come to mind?

Didn't think so.

It's because there is nothing common about chick flicks; they are created to entertain our fantasies. The danger lies in the fact that most girls do not realize that. Instead we hold these movies as our standards of relationships. I'm not saying that we can't have romance and will never kiss a guy in the rain, BUT it probably won't be after he just returned saving a country in your honor... I'm just saying.

Let us create our own romance, our own love story.

In conclusion, as (I believe) porn most often taints the minds of men who sadly set false standards of what the sex experience should be like, I boldly compare the similar affect to what women experience from obsessing over chick flicks.

Few of you may disagree with me, but I think for the majority,

I had you at Hello... ;)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

New addition to Halmark

There needs to be a "Dysfunctional Family" greeting card section within Halmark.

Where are all the cards that fit the... "Uh, we're not really that close, and you were never really there for me, but you're my father so... I love you" or "Happy Birthday to the best step mom! Thanks for everything you've done for me! well, everything except breaking up my family"...

There are very few people in my life that I can actually find a card for where the words printed on the card truly express my feelings towards them. (Side note: the few cards that work for me are often found in the Mahogany or the musical card sections)

I think blank cards are the best way to go; get one with an awesome picture on the front, appropriate for the occasion, and write your own words of encouragement, love, grattitude, etc.

Just a thought... I may even email Halmark.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


This week's featured Thrifty-ness came by happenstance...

I was at starbucks tonight trying to decide whether I felt like my normal Iced Tea or Iced Coffee, neither sounded that appealing and since it was late I didn't want anything too sugary or fattening. I glanced to my right and saw the arrangement of Naked Juices. I NEVER think to get those, but tonight I did... when I handed it to the barista he asked, "Would you like this blended?" ... What a great idea!!!! "YES!" So after paying him $2.30 he handed me a venti Naked Juice smoothie which was delicious!! That definitely beats the price of Jamba Juice and Juice it up and you get the atmosphere of Starbucks.

Thank you @KindaCreepyBarista!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

All in a days work...

Quick funny story of something stupid I did today:

I was walking down the LONG hallway of my office building when I heard the elevator doors open and the man exiting them clear his throat. I could not see the elevators or the man exiting them. For some reason I was sure the man clearing his throat was Billy Phipps, so before checking to see who it was I immediately started to mimick the clearing of throat, of course with ridiculous exaggeration!! I did this for about 5 seconds until I rounded the hallway only to find a middle-aged business man standing there offended and puzzled at my "joke".
That moment would've been a great time to explain the misunderstanding, but between the intensity of his face and the laughter building up within me I walked straight past him and into the bathroom.

HAHA... Now I'm just waiting for the day when we awkwardly end up together in the elevator.
I will stare blank into the closed doors and as soon as they open I will clear my throat and run like hell!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

'Thrifty'ness @ its finest

Ok, yesterday I walked into World Market (one of my favorite stores) and purchased about $120 worth of product, however, thanks to a few things I walked out of there only paying $40.44.

how?? Let me tell you...

1.) I usually keep my eye out for holiday sales, and thanks to Memorial Day weekend World Market was having a 50% off sale.

2.) on top of that, I have a good friend, Michael Bustillos who works there and he is able to get friends and family an ADDITIONAL 30% off the final purchase.

3.) finally, I had a coupon for, "Get $10 off any purchase more than $50" (I'm not condoning spending that much money, BUT if you need the items, may as well get them cheaper)

so... in summary... I basically had 80% off my final purchase and then an extra $10 off.

Loving it...

so your take-away:
  • wait to shop around holidays
  • network with friends and family; its all who you know...
  • keep your eye out for the little coupons that make a big difference

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The dangerous minds of women:

Why is it that girls immediately size up every guy they meet to see if he's date worthy?

I honestly don't think its our intention, we just do it subconsciously.

"Hi, Im Susie"
"Hey, I'm Barney"

(Susie begins thinking...) "hmmm, he's a good looking guy, kinda weak hand shake though... that could mean he's a shy guy... confidence is really important, I don't know if I could date someone that is shy around my friends. Maybe once he meets my friends he'll be fine. and Barney?? Can I get over dating a guy named after a purple dinosaur? I wonder what his last name is... maybe Johnson, Barney Johnson... Susie Johnson... that works. I can't get over his put-togetherness, he is almost "overly-groomed"; I bet he takes longer than me to get ready, I can't be waiting around for him if I am ready to go eat and he is still gelling his hair. hmmm... but then again, it's nice to know that he cleans up well. And who were those 2 girls he walked over with? possibly ex-girlfriends? I don't do ex-girlfriend drama! wait... is that a ring on his finger? FRICK!"

This example IS an exaggeration, but not far from the truth

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Are you a Good Christ?

I needed to pass this one on...

Are You a Good Christ?
By Francis Chan

I think it's time we stop asking ourselves the question: "Am I a good Christian?" We live in a time when the term "Christian" has been so diluted that millions of immoral but nice people genuinely consider themselves "good Christians." We have reduced the idea of a good Christian to someone who believes in Jesus, loves his or her family, and attends church regularly. Others will label you a good Christian even though your life has no semblance to the way Christ spent His days on earth. Perhaps we should start asking the question: "Am I a good Christ?" In other words, do I look anything like Jesus? This question never even entered my mind until a friend of mine made a passing comment to me one day.

Dan is a long time friend of mine. In fact, he's the pastor who performed my wedding. He was talking to me about a pastor named Von. Von has been working with youth in the San Diego area for decades. Many of his students have gone on to become amazing missionaries and powerful servants of God. Dan described a trip to Tijuana, Mexico with Pastor Von. (Von has been ministering to the poor in the dumps of Tijuana for years). Dan didn't speak of the awful living conditions of those who made their homes amidst the rubbish. What impacted Dan the most was the relationship he saw between Von and the people of this community. He spoke of the compassion, sacrifice, and love that he witnessed in Von's words and actions as he held these malnourished and un-bathed children.

Then he made the statement that sent me reeling:
"The day I spent with Von was the closest thing I've ever experienced to walking with Jesus."

Dan explained that the whole experience was so eerie because he kept thinking to himself: "If Jesus were still walking on earth in the flesh, this is what it would feel like to walk alongside of Him!" After that discussion, I kept wondering if anyone had ever said that about me-"The day I spent with Francis was the closest thing I've ever experienced to walking with Jesus." The answer was an obvious "no." Would any honest person say that about you?
What bothered me was not that I hadn't "arrived," but that I wasn't even heading in the right direction. I hadn't made it my goal to resemble Christ. I wasn't striving to become the kind of person who could be mistaken for Jesus Christ. Isn't it ironic that a man can be known as a successful pastor, speaker, and CHRISTian even if his life doesn't resemble Christ's?1 John 2:6 "Whoever claims to live in him must walk as Jesus did."

When John made that statement, he wasn't speaking about how to be a church leader or even how to be a "good" Christian. He merely stated that anyone who calls himself Christian must live like Jesus did. So how did Jesus live? You could make a list of character traits to compare yourself to, but it would be far more beneficial to simply read through one of the Gospels. After you get a bird's-eye view of the life of Christ, do the same with your own. Are you comfortable with the similarities and differences?

It's easy to get caught up in the pursuit of "success" as American church-goers define it. The thought of being well-known and respected is alluring. There have been times when I've been caught up in the fun of popularity. I've even mistaken it for success. Biblically, however, success is when our lives parallel Christ's. Truth is, there are many good Christs that you'll never read about in a magazine. They are walking as Jesus walked, but they are too focused and humble to pursue their own recognition.

May we make it our goal to someday have someone say of us: "The day/hour/15 minutes I spent with ______ was the closest thing I've ever experienced to walking with Jesus."

As Christians in America, we often complain about how antagonistic people are toward Christ. Personally, I'm not sure that Americans are really rejecting Christ. Maybe they just haven't seen Him.

Try to be COMPLETELY honest with yourself right now. Is the following true of you?
You passionately love Jesus, but you don't really want to be like Him. You admire His humility, but you don't want to be THAT humble. You think it's beautiful that He washed the feet of the disciples, but that's not exactly the direction your life is headed. You're thankful He was spit upon and abused, but you would never let that happen to you. You praise Him for loving you enough to suffer during His whole time on earth, but you're going to do everything within your power to make sure you enjoy your time down here.

In short: You think He's a great Savior, but not a great role model.

The American church has abandoned the most simple and obvious truth of what it means to follow Jesus: You actually follow His pattern of life. I pray for those who read this article- that we don't become cynical or negative toward the church. Instead, let's make a personal decision to stop talking so much and begin living like Jesus. Then we can say as the apostle Paul, "Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ" (1 Corinthians 11:1). My guess is that you've never had someone say that to you, and you've never said it to anyone else. Why Not?

Monday, May 18, 2009


I am exhausted right now...

I am barely keeping my eyes open, but I wanted to blog real quick.

This past weekend was phenomenal! Friday nights babysitting fundraiser went well...

never doing it again, but it was a lesson learned haha

Late Friday night to Saturday afternoon was the rummage sale, now this is a fundraiser right up my alley! Where else can I wear my awesomely, huge golf hat and a fanny pack while practicing my Spanish to raise money?? It was definitely good times, it wouldn't have been as great if it was not for a few peeps:
Shout out to those who endured the sun and heat and brought me food... Tony, Corre and Candice!
To my partner in crime, Brenda... thank you for rounding up most of the donations and putting up with my craziness! :)
Jeremy Solis! The event would not have been the success it was without your hard work and promo.
The rest of the Catalyst crew... can't wait til Thailand!

Saturday night I watched Taken. Good frickin movie! Won't get into details here; ill save that for another day.

Today was a long, but amazing day! Church, mtg, best lunch in awhile, and then a next-gen service which was extremely edifying! (gracias p.chris) all topped off with the last fundraiser of the weekend... dinner at TGI Fridays with the best of the best!

Living and Loving life! God is good and I am grateful for everything and everyone he has blessed with!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

AA Mtg

Tonight I went to an AA mtg.

I was excited when asked to sit through one; I am very interested in the whole process, the 12 steps, the transformation... all of it.

HOWEVER, tonight was not a regular AA mtg, there was a guest speaker, who to my luck was an AA historian of 16 years and an author of more than 13 books. He should have kept to writing because his speaking abilities were close to non-existent... Monotone for the whole 90 minutes!!!

I'm still very intrigued with the whole origin and process of Alcoholics anonymous, but this guy talked for over 30 minutes on how he found the original copy of the Big Book... literally how he tracked down the book step by step.

I wasn't the only one who wanted to poke their eyes out, people were consistently walking out about every 3 minutes. By the grace of God, at the break my brother leaned over and said, "let's get the heck out of here" I grabbed my purse immediately and headed towards the door...

On the bright side, I got a free book, God and Alcoholism. It sounds really interesting... I'll let you know.

Now I'm watching the Office... out!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I knew it!

I knew this was going to happen. I knew that if I got a blog I would feel like a failure if I didn't update every week, but I'm not going to feel guilty or ashamed... there are no blog standards right? to each his own? that's what I thought.

OK, I feel much better. After all, I stated when I first started Jo-Jo on the radio that the point of my blogs was to just keep people updated with the craziness that is my life. The most ridiculous crap happens to me all the time, for example... most of you got my twitter, but to explain my shirt ripping... I was hanging out at Vineyard Youth tonight, after an amazing night of discussion and revelation I got a little too excited and worked up which led to me flailing my arms about and then to a sudden stop when I realized my shirt had completely ripped in half right underneath my arm. Thanks to the inspiration of @Brendita the tear became quite the fashion statement... or to @Kretzu it became a rating system of intensity. It was pretty hilarious and a situation that you really had to be there or at Starbucks to see the aftermath walk in.

Good times!

Also... before I forget... here is my list of people that were particularly funny today: (inside joke)
  • Brenda
  • Corre
  • the Kretzus (urine climbing catfish!!)

Don't feel bad if you didn't make the list, better luck next time!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Totally missed Thrifty-Thursday this week! In my defense, I was pretty heavily drugged up on Thursday and it was really the last thing on my mind... Oh well, next Thursday I'll bring it!

So, I learned some things this week and I'm going to share...

Wisdom teeth are completely unnecessary; seriously if there is some biological reason as to why we need them please fill me in.

Insurance is a joke! especially dental.

The more coffee you drink, the more your pee smells like it. (too much? sorry)

I use the exclamation point and the smiley face too much in my emails, texts, blogs, etc! (this isn't going to change, but I just realized how bad it was)

Hugh Jackman is a stud.

Frozen tortillas make a wonderful ice pack.

There is a Crepe place in Victoria Gardens thanks @Corre

I need more sleep...

Friday, April 24, 2009


Here are just a few of the take aways from the past 2 days:

"It's better to have an idea that people either love or hate, than an idea that everyone is indifferent about." - Guy Kawasaki

"As we become more open-minded we often become more close-hearted"
- Ravi Zacharias

"You tell these prostitutes to leave their "sinful" situations, and when they do, you don't let them forget where they came from" - Naomi Zacharias (calling out the church!)

"We are born extraordinary, but somewhere along the way we settle to live the ordinary"
- Erwin McManus

"This guy has forgotten more than I'll ever know" - Rick Warren

Nick Vujicic - just youtube him... words don't do him justice!

The spirit kicked my face like he always does through Francis Chan, so I won't even start on that one...

"The same power that conquered the grave lives in me!" Hillsong United & 3,200 other people

"I need to shut up, humble myself and listen more." - Me :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Would you...?

take the time to figure out what this blog is all about?

I am very excited for this weekend!!! The Catalyst Conference will be amazing and I know Francis Chan is going to bring it! :)

ps. I am very impressed that you took the time to translate this blog... that means a lot to me that you care... or that you are just that bored.

either way... you are amazing!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

In awe...

You know those nights where your mind will just not let you fall asleep? You toss and turn, looking over at your clock every once in awhile and cannot believe how slow time is passing. Well tonight is one of those nights.

Tomorrow is a pretty huge day for my family. My brother Jason is getting baptized. This may seem like an ordinary 'whatever' occurance to most, but it's a bigger deal than what's seen on the surface. I think I even underestimated it. Tomorrow is the day of firsts. For the first time that I can ever remember, my family (all of my family) will be at church together. My dad and mom probably haven't been in a church service together for at least 15 years. and the fact that the reason that brought them there is that they will be watching their 29 year old, first born son, now proudly 6 months sober and clean of any drugs for the first tme in 12 years publically profess the death to his addictive flesh and pain filled past and claim life to his spirit and promise filled future.

I cannot believe the transformation that Jason has made; I don't think any of us can. I know it is going to be a surreal moment to every member of my family tomorrow.
For my mom, who unfortunately had to watch Jason's years of struggle from the sidelines, or my other brother John, who saw it all and took the grunt of it most of the time, or my dad, who doesn't believe change is possible. Jason's strength has shaken us all!

To anyone who has every had a family member with these struggles, you can understand the emotions I am talking about.

Jason is a new creation, the old has gone and the new has come. All the crap (which is a massive understatement) he has gone through over the past 15 years was not in vain. Healing that I didn't think possible has occured in my family because of this transformation.

I am estatic and cannot wait to see the growth in my family over the next few years.

Thank you to all of you who have been praying for Jason and my family; it is only by the grace of God that I am able to write about this.

I'm going to stop now because I could go on forever, but I will leave you with the verse that I handed Jason 3 years ago as he got on a plane and started his journey of rehab...

"Greater is He who is in you, than he who is in the world" 1 John 4:4

In awe of His grace,

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thrifty-Thursdays #3

It's my friend Mark's birthday today.

Birthdays... what a wonderful day to get all the attention, all the gifts, and all the freebies!!

You can get many free things on your birthday or even in your birthday month. Just sign up here and there and when your birthday rolls around the bargains come to you!

Here are the top 5 best Birthday Bargains:

#5. IHOP & El Torito: Free meal... register early online and they'll send you a coupon

#4. Wingstop: 5 free buffalo wings

#3. Taco Bell: free combo meal of your choice, just show up and show your ID

#2. (2 of my favorite things) Casinos & Movie Theatres: Casinos give away some awesome gifts if you go to the casino on your birthday and you can also get free movie tickets on your birthday

#1. Disneyland: Free entrance on your birthday, register @ address below:

Make use of these people!

and Happy Birthday Mark!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What I love... "J"

Candice tagged me, which I think means I have to do what she says???
well, the tag was to list 10 things I like/love that begin with the letter J (in no particular order).

this is too easy:

1.) umm... Jesus? haha that was an obvious one!
2.) Jason, John & Jamie (my siblings)
3.) Japanese people named Mike Ozaki
4.) Journey's "Dont Stop Believing"
5.) Jacuzzis
6.) Jackpots @ Casinos! :)
7.) Journaling
8.) The movie Juno
9.) Miguels Jr. (pushing it?)
10.) Jasmine rice

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Prince Charming...?

Last week I went against all my good judgement and agreed to a blind date. So, tonight we met up at Starbucks... he wasn't bad looking, didn't seem to be crazy, for a moment I thought all the horror stories I had heard about blind dates were myths, and then...

...our conversation began:

"God does not will for women to be in ministry" he said. (clearly wasn't aware of my occupation)
"I went to a church once and a female began speaking, so I stormed out"
"I believe women should only wear dresses" (As I sit before him in jeans)

This conversation (well more so him just speaking as I sat jaw dropped trying not to burst into laughter and the ridiculousness of my situation) was within the first 10 minutes of me sitting down.

He continued to explain to me his belief on how the South should've won and his view on government control (all 1st date conversation material, right?)

I was amused with the entire thing to be honest... what were the odds of getting set up with this guy?! what was the lady who recommended him for me thinking? What is he thinking?

Oh good times! So my 2nd date with him is this Friday, I believe were discussing why women should never leave the kitchen and how white people are the supreme race... can't wait!!!

Stay tuned...

Friday, April 10, 2009


I just signed into myspace and as my page was opening an ad popped up that read...

"Are you a single, 22 yr. old female, brunette, with a name that begins with a J and want to loose 10 pounds? well then this is the pill for you!"

Crazy right?! I totally bought it! It's as if they created this thing specifically for me!

I'll let you guys know how it turns out.


ps. I didn't really buy it, but the ad was no joke!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thrifty-Thursday!! #2

So... this week I was given a mini dell laptop by some very generous friends! Now I'm on the internet like 24/7. Kretzu gave me a little heads up as far as free wi-fi goes; so the first tip on Thrifty-Thursday is:

  1. How to get free wi-fi from Starbucks:

  • You have to have a Starbucks card, and use it every now and then, in order to get free wi-fi access.

  • You must register your Starbucks Card and use it at least once a month to receive two consecutive hours a day of complimentary Wi-Fi. (rumor has it that they don't enforce the 2 hour maximum)

  • Alternatively, if you're one of AT&T's 12 million DSL customers, you will also have free access to wi-fi at Starbucks
    If neither of these apply, and you simply can't bring yourself to get a Starbucks card (or to switch your DSL to AT&T) then access will cost you. But Starbucks is offering a 2-hour rate of $3.99, which beats the old rates they used to charge.

  • To register your giftcard or for more info see:

Another amazing thing I found last week that I think is the new ebay, but almost better is is an innovative new website where you can instantly trade the books, CDs, DVDs, and video games you are finished with for the ones you want, all for free.

Simply list the books, DVDs, CDs, and video games you are done with and swaptree’s trade algorithms will instantly find everyone who wants those items and show you everything they are willing to trade. Best part is, you only pay for shipping, which using swaptree’s label service means you never have to go to the post office.

Check it out... it's pretty legit!

Amazing coupons are on their way too I promise!

Monday, April 6, 2009


I am very thankful for the people in my life. I don't tell them enough, but I am! My family, my roommates, friends (not saying that my roommates aren't my friends haha) and every other random person I have had the pleasure of meeting lately. I love the community of people that surround me and the encouragement and love I receive from them. I do not take my friendships for granted and am excited to see them grow and learn more from them as the days go by... thanks guys! I love you.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Road Trip

So... a simple school visit has turned into a full-blown mini vacation. I'm leaving in about an hour, here's the agenda:
  • Meet up with the crazy Camacho Clan
  • Hit up freebirds
  • Sleep in Solvang
  • Wake up and head to Santa Cruz
  • Go to Bethany University orientation
  • Decide if I will be attending there in the fall... :/
  • Sleep... wake up... head to San Fran
  • Have lunch with an old friend
  • Drive home, work the Coffee Corner, head to Face Down Fest
  • Sleep, Church, and then Heather & Grayson's wedding.
  • Dance, eat, repeat, sleep.

I'm in for some good times! "Thrifty-Thursday" will be postponed until next week, the 9th. I promise it will be worth it, my honorary coupon cutter (Candice) has been helping me collect the deals!!

...stay tuned!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thrifty Thursday!

Ok, so Thursdays have officially been deemed... "Thrifty-Thursdays".
Most people know me as Campbellstein (not a name I'm particularly fond of, but have learned to embrace it).

I am a coupon cutter, I am a bargain shopper, and where I can save a few bucks... I will!
I wouldn't call this passion 'being cheap'... I see it as an accomplishment, a challenge to beat the man haha and why spend money when you don't need to. It's easier than you think and I am excited to share some of my own tactics and the tactics of others with you every Thursday!

So... today I want to simply share with you some of the thrifty acts I have witnessed over the past 2 weeks:

#1.) Ginny Morris went to Bj's last Saturday night for Corre's bday extravaganza. She ordered a cup of hot water (price$=free). She then reached into her purse and pulled out 2 tea bags (price$= .10). She enjoyed her favorite cup of tea for $.10... compared to the $2.00 that Bj's would have charged her. This is not cheap... this is genius!!

#2.) - Candice, Debi, Ez, and many others have stumbled across This is a site where you can purchase gift cards at a fraction of the price... so basically you are buying $20 with $2... how is that possible right? Well, the fine print reads that you have to have a minimum purchase of $X. Who cares? You are most likely going to spend 20 bucks at Macaroni Grill anyway, why not buy the $20 gift card for $2 and then spend say... $25 at dinner and when all is said and done... you only paid $5 for a $25 meal. once again... brilliant!

#3.) Starbucks - I'm knew to this tidbit of information... Starbucks gives refills?! You can get a refill on your iced coffees or iced teas for .50 the day you purchased the drink. If the now-warped cup has been sitting in your car for days don't try to get the refill, but if you purchase a drink in the morning and at lunch happen to cruise by a sbux... stop by for a top-off. Yesterday I did this 3 times :) I enjoyed 3 venti Iced coffees for a total of $3.25. No I don't need 3 venti iced coffees, but when they're .50 it is unavoidable.

ok, that's all the info for now. Keep your eyes open for easy ways to save a buck and let me know if any are 'Thrifty-Thursday' worthy!

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

kicking it off...

haha... I'm already amused by this website.

Why is one of the font options 'Webdings'? haha


"Oh, I'm sorry.... you didn't understand that? You didn't learn Webding 101 at school?"

that's funny... maybe one day I will write a blog in Webding just to see who is bored enough to try and translate it.

ok.... out!