Monday, November 9, 2009

I would drive 60,000 miles..... and I would drive 60,000 more...

This blog has absolutely no purpose but to share my joy in the little things of life...

As I was driving out of a parking lot on Saturday night I realized that my odometer read 60,000 miles exactly! who cares right? haha I do! I was able to catch it right on the mile. You know how pissed I would've been if I had looked down and read 60,001 miles!? argh! I would've just missed it!

But I didn't! and I want to share the joy with every one of you :) (well, all 13 of you that ever read this haha)


  1. Chris and I heard the 500 miles song the other day and chris said that song always reminds him of you :) I agree

  2. If it read 60,001 miles, all you'd have to do is drive backwards for a mile to get the odometer back to 60,000

  3. false! Ive seen Ferris Buellers day off! nice try