Thursday, November 5, 2009

Well that sucks!

I've been dealing with a few things over the past couple of days... things that everyone deals with, but plain and simple... they just suck.

1. You can't make a person feel one way or the other.

No matter what the situation or relationship, you cannot change how a person feels or reacts. I am usually a firm supporter of this, however on rare occasion... it just sucks!

2. When the child becomes the parent.

It just goes against the very nature of a parent/child relationship. Isn't it frustrating when you are stuck in a situation thinking, "Why am I the one who has to.... shouldn't they be the more mature ones... why am I having to deal with their unresolved issues?"

3. It takes two...

This pretty much goes hand in hand with #1, but it sucks when you try and try and try to rekindle a relationship but NO MATTER what you do nothing can be reconciled if the other person doesn't want it or doesn't try. and then you are left with, "do I give up?" "do I keep putting myself out there?" It's draining, but it happens... :(

Sorry to be a downer, but coming from someone who usually likes to control any situation I'm in it's been a pretty big smack in the face to realize that most things in life (at least the things that matter) are OUT of my control.


  1. #1 Knowing number one is really important.

    Look at it as an exciting adventure of learning and see if that viewpoint works for you.

    It is great that you can share this way.

  2. have I told you my "ladybug story" ? it relates to what you've blogged.